NABCO focuses on each element and detail. After all, no recipe is complete without every single ingredient. For the assurance of a successful operation in the study and construction field, each project is analyzed and developed by seven different departments: Architecture, Structural and Civil Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Planning and Urban Design, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Graphic Rendering.



Our architects are devoted to the development, and perfection of technical skills. They aim to discover new spatial relationships in order to redefine architectural elements and spaces.

Architecture services include:

* Site and Building Elevators Feasibility studies.

* Programming and Planning

* Conceptual Design

* Architectural Design and details

* Sustainable Design

* Construction Drawings

* Tender documents (Specifications, B.O.Q...)

* Supervision or Construction Managememt

II- Structural and Civil Engineering

Pioneers in the challenges of innovative projects, our engineers promote the solid structural backbone of the project and determine how to maximize the benefit of the material and how to cut down constructional cost.

Structural and Civil Engineering services include:

* Structural Systems STUDIES

* Foundation Studies

* Seismic Evaluations (Design, Calculations)

* Feasibility Studies

* Construction Drawings and Details

* Tender Documents

* Supervision or Construction Management

III- Electromechanical Engineering

In coordination with our architects, our electromechanical engineers study, design and execute the electrical and mechanical systems. Thus, they provide the best alternatives for every detail of the project.

Electromechanical Engineering services include:

* Electrical design and details drawings

* Mechanical design and detail drawings

Air-conditioning design and detail drawings

Water and gas supply, plumbing design and detail drawings

* Tender drawings and documents ( specifications, B.O.Q...)

* Supervision or construction management

IV- Planning and Urban Design

In shaping and planning environment, our architects systematically explore the different aspects of every site to get the best combination between site and project, thus adapting it to the residents' needs. Functionality and character go hand in hand with enhancing, protecting, and managing the natural environment.

Planning and Urban Design services include:

* Site Selection Studies

* Master Planning

* Urban Design

* Community and town planning

* Downtown Redevelopment

* Waterfront Planning

* Design Guidelines

* Land Use and Zoning Analyses

V- Interior Architecture

Inspired by the client's personality and sense of aesthetics, our specialists embody the individual's lifestyle and preferences. They incorporate them subtly with the functional musts, and innovative materials, thus investing them professionally with a personalized touch.

Interior Architecture services include:

* Space Planning

* Interior Design

* Execution Drawings

* Purchasing

* Artwork and Materials Selection

* Design Guidelines

* Facility Management

* Supervision or Construction Management

VI- Landscape Architecture

When tackling the natural, environmental, socio-cultural, and legal constraints, our architects use their knowledge and skills to accomplish the required technical and implementation drawings.

Landscape Architecture services include:

* Site Design

* Landscape Design

* Hardscape Design

* Water Feature Design

* Irrigation Systems Design

* Plant and Materials Selection

* Artwork and sculpture Selection

VII- Graphic Rending

For the enrichment of our graphic rendering, visualizing systems and skills are used. 3D is used for the recreation of walk- in tours, stills and to display the final project in its natural setting.

Graphic Rendering services include:

* 3D Computer modeling

* Animation

* Renderings

* Multimedia

* Print Design/ Brochures


Nabco - Architecture & Engineering Consultancy

Ensures the client with the highest standards of quality at the most competitive prices while providing turnkey construction projects. Our experienced construction teams manage all phases of construction from demolition to architectural finishing and interior decoration.

Construction services include:

* Demolition

* Earth Moving

* Concrete

* Electro - Mechanical

* Architectural Finishing

* Interior Decoration

* Roads and Infrastructure